Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mais um teste infalível...

What Your Sunglasses Say About You

You are chic, bold, and mysterious.

You are larger than life and very sexy.

You need to be shaded from people who are dull and ordinary.

You feel sunniest when you're around fabulous, exciting people

Aqui está a confirmação, neste teste fidelíssmo. Que isto de escolher óculos de sol diz muito da nossa persona.

Por isso:

Dull people stay away from me!!


GATA said...

Eu escolhi o primeiro modelo da coluna da direita:

"You are classy, refined, and well mannered. Your sense of fashion is based on what looks good on you and what is timeless. You need to be shaded from rude people and the trials of everyday life. You feel sunniest when you can retreat to your home or favorite cafe."

Eh Eh Eh... tu és CHIC mas eu sou CLASSY! :-)

Blondie said...

acho que nos complementamos eheheh :-D
Classy & Chic, o duo perfeito ;)